Lotus Shades

A rigid board available in wide range of colours.

  • Even flatness
  • Highly stiff
  • Easily cut, grooved, embossed, drilled, and punched

Lotus Petals

A multipurpose packaging board in the weight range of 200-500 gsm.

  • High plybond, ring crush, and tensile strength
  • Consistent caliper, cobb, moisture (Customisable)
  • Available in slitted coils - ready to use

Lotus PE Coated

A specially designed food grade packaging. Suitable for direct food contact, giving a barrier from outside environment, preserving the content's freshness.

Lotus Foam Board

Consists of a special layer of foam sandwiched between two boards in order to give the product strength and cushioning.

Lotus Cake Board

Gold or silver foiled board as cake base. Our rigid board makes it easy to store and shift the cake, as well as protecting it from dust and dirt.